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Nov 14, 2012 6:00pm PST
this memo to city hall, alerting them that the number of officers he has available to suit up has dropped to less than 1,000. that number alarming to those victims of crime and to those still here on the force. the robbers haven't been back to the west coast wheels and tire shop in san jose but left an impression with one of the workers tied with duct tape and held at gun point while they em tied the cash register. >> i think about it all the time. >> reporter: police haven't caught the bad guys, with fewer investigators they may never. for the first time in a long time the police warned city leaders at this point in time he only has 978 officers who are able to suit up. >> if you factor in the disability and recruits who aren't able to work the streets yet, it dips below 1,000 and the first time i've seen it in the 14 years i've been here. >> reporter: it doesn't help four veteran officers are leaving for the santa cruz county sheriff's office and another four left to redwood city. >> they are getting some of our sergeants and personnel on the s.w.a.t. team and metro unit. thousands and
Nov 7, 2012 6:00pm PST
elected the two city council candidates that the mayor needed to keep his pension reform agenda on course. nbc's bay area stephanie trong is live in san jose, and the results deepening the ridge between the city and the union. >> that's right, very polarized sides of this situation. the mayor shaep because the two candidates he wanted were voted in yesterday. they will help keep the vote for issues like fiscal and pension reform in his favor. in the meantime, the issue of pension reform has already been tied up in the courts and will likely be that way possibly for years to come. >> don't vote for people who do ugly things. >> reporter: we've heard the back and forth between city hall and the unions. >> we'll be fighting them. >> reporter: tuesday's city council winners seem to be deepening the divide. the union tried to knock out herrera to gain control of the city. >> they reversed the work on pension reform. it was the meanest, most deceptive campaigns ever run. >> we want them to be one of the most honest council. i don't think we have that right now. >> reporter: she says there needs
Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm PST
chopper above the scene in daly city. here's a look at the map to show you where this all happened. a mud slide caused by a water main break which dumped about 45,000 gallons of water into this neighborhood. it turned into a muddy mess. the question now, what about the other aging pipes along the peninsula. let's bring in kris sanchez who joins us in daly city. good evening, kris. >> reporter: hi there, raj. it was about this dark this morning when the mud started flowing down this street in this daly city neighborhood so residents really didn't know what they were going to see once the sun rose, but what a sight it was, they woke up after an 8-inch city water main break broke sending a torrent of 40,000 plus gallons of water down the hillside. it picked up mud, it picked up debris and it picked up steam along the way. residents said it sounded like a storm but when they looked out the window, it was too dark to know what it was. then came the knocks at doors, warning people to get out. >> i saw the police out here and about 5:00 they were here and i could see the water coming down and th
Nov 9, 2012 6:00pm PST
seven of them hanging at different redwood city district schools. off of the the signs were stolen last week friday after being up for only a few hours. they were not taken down by mistake. >> specific to honey bear tree banners. others remain untouched. honey bear trees donates 15% of its sales. the money peas for arts and programs the schools can't afford or had to cut. >> more importantly, the theft from the fund-raising program. we are participating with schools with. it's kind of an attack on even their program. >> that's what has parents concerned. awe off the schools need the money at this time. with all of the budget cuts. and, fund-raising is a way that, builds community as well. and so this really put the da damper on it. >> the school put out a flier for honey bear. i am involved in two schools, locally who use their fund-raising -- services. and i don't know, you know who would be targeting them. >> the signs which cost a total of $500 will be replaced. and the fund-raising efforts will continue t. >> we'll make it happen. just take, precautionary step. pay attention. yeah.
Nov 12, 2012 6:00pm PST
on the california veterans who served the country. >>> still ahead at 6:00, a burglary spike in one bay area city. >>> too close to call. the local elections that are still undecided. >> reporter: i'm scott budman. is apple's newest store too loud? a former apple executive thinks so. we asked shoppers coming up. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri at the safeway where people are filling up carts with holiday items. we are filling up with these $10 donation bags. how we're making it easier than ever to help your neighbors in need. that plus the seven-day forecast that has rain returning in just a few minutes. >>> patients and investors are cheering for a biotech company. skod budman with some positive results. >>> just today a combination of drugs to fight hepatitis c getting good response. the combination made by foster city bay i will yad sciences rendered it undetectable after 12 weeks of therapy, good news for patients. potenti potentially good news for gilead's bottom line and shares up 14% today reaching a new all-time high. the daily deals company groupon saw the stock price hit an all-t
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5